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Recurring revenue businesses use ValuePilot's self-serve expert-assisted pricing research to drive growth and increase customer loyalty.

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Discover your ideal customers

Uncover the attributes of your best-fit customers using a targeted panel study.

With a combination of expertly crafted questions and fine-tuned analysis, you'll gain unparalleled insights into who truly values your product, for better pricing, focused marketing, and product development.

Align your pricing with true customer value

Harness the insights from a relative preference study to pinpoint the optimal value metric.

By understanding what your customers truly prioritize, you can craft pricing that resonate deeply, ensuring both perceived value and profitability.

Strategically package your features

Create pricing plans based on what different customers are willing to pay (WTP) by grouping features together.

Find the right balance between essential features and extra add-ons to meet various customer needs, improve their experience, and increase sustainable revenue growth.

Find the sweet spot for pricing success

Dive deep into customer perceptions and preferences with tailored studies on willingness to pay and likelihood to buy. By aligning your pricing strategy with these insights, you ensure capturing maximum value while resonating with your audience's budget and expectations.

Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Eaxample

How it works

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Choose from one of our ready-to-go research studies to help you execute quality-controlled pricing research.

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Share your survey link with your own participants or use ValuePilot's participant pool of 250M+ individuals.

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ValuePilot takes care of the messy analysis and you get a report to instantly start informing your pricing strategies.

Tailored, robust, and always actionable

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Tailored for Subscription Businesses

Navigating the complex landscape of subscription pricing requires a specialised approach.

Our team's deep experience has empowered us to meticulously evaluate and integrate the latest technologies and methodologies in pricing research for subscription-based businesses.

Actionable Insights

We've invested in refining our platform to filter, rank, and score data, providing you with precise and actionable insights to make informed decisions.

Robust Security

We prioritise security to protect your data and user privacy ensuring compliance that meets enterprise security requirements.

Putting their money where their mouth is

Jiaqi Pan, CEO

"ValuePilot helped us transition through a major pricing change from feature tiers to usage-based pricing. The results speak for themselves.”



Sançar Sahin, CMO

We used ValuePilot to develop the pricing & packaging for Oliva and were able to implement an impressive data and market driven proposal within weeks."



Access a pool of 250 million individuals

Conduct secure research with the right audience using ValuePilot's participant pool. Refine your pricing strategy with genuine customer insights.

Global reach across various demographics and industries.

Strict quality control and robust screening process.

Secure and private platform safeguarding all parties involved.

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